Slim without sacrifice.

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We’re not alone in saying that Weight Watchers is the best weight loss program on the planet (go ahead, Google it). The program is simple, scientific and it’s been helping people slim down for nearly 50 years. Best of all, the program teaches members how to to eat better and live healthier, so the weight stays off for life.

Here’s why we’re part of the program: a glass of award-winning, Hill Street alcohol-free wine only costs you 2 SmartPoints(R) vs. 4 for a regular glass of wine. The difference is the alcohol. Alcohol is loaded with hollow calories, it temporarily stops your body’s ability to burn fat, and it increases your cravings for greasy foods.

Now the only question is, what will you do with your extra points? Pour a second guilt-free glass, save the points, or have 2/3 of that cookie you were craving (that’s right, less than a single cookie!)?