Vin(Zero) Merlot

Vin(Zero) Merlot
Calories: 27per 150ml
Alcohol: 0.00%

Our Vin(Zero) Merlot is the kind of wine you drink. It’s drinkable, delicious, and very drinkable. And that’s not even the best part. The best part is that it’s drinkable. It doesn’t even matter what day it is, because its so drinkable, you can drink it on any day of the week. Especially if you have a glass that holds something drinkable. And maybe some cheese. And meat. And a glass. Did we mention how drinkable it is?

Our winemaker, Philippe, surprised us with this one. He typically produces wine traditionally, the old fashioned way. But with this wine, he decided to do something different and produce it traditionally, the old fashioned way. Then he matured the wine in stainless steel barrels. Which resulted in a very drinkable Merlot. I mean, even if you’re not a big fan of Merlot, I would still suggest this wine, simply because its so drinkable. It’s intensely red, like the juice squeezed out of a blackberry on to vanilla ice cream. It’s kinda got this curranty thing going on too, but more blackberry, maybe some blueberries in there. Heck, let’s just call this a bumbleberry pie of a wine that we recommend drinking. Best served at 15/18°C.

Black currant, blackberry, forest fruit
Vinous with tannic finish



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Product Details

  • Sugars 6.4 g / 150 ml (5 fl.oz.)
  • Product Size 750 ml Bottle with Re-sealable cap
  • Gluten Free Yes
  • Brand Vin(Zero)
  • Weight Watchers 2 points per 150 ml (5 fl.oz.)
  • Category Wine, Red Wine
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I am glad to see a company take a stand and show that one can have good business practices, have a heart and still make a profit


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